It Makes 

You Sparkle



Ready to Go All Out?


Unicorn Snot is a Glitter Gel for Body, Hair and Face




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Was $40, Now $29.99

"Unicorn Snot Is the Latest Glitter Product Blowing Up the Internet"

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

See What Makes Unicorn Snot So Unique

If there's such a thing as electrical rainbows.

Easy Application

Dance all night. It's not going anywhere.

All you need is your fingertips.

Finishes Any Look

A Whole New Kind of Cosmetic

Plays nicely with other cosmetics or shines all by itself!

Real or magical, we love all animals.

Face, Body & Hair

Rainbow Colors

Apply it (almost) anywhere!

Long Lasting

Go ahead and try it!

If you're not in love, we'll take it back.

No questions asked.

We have pledged to never test our products on any living creature and our formula is 

100% Vegan.

No Unicorns Harmed

"Bought this for a music festival and it worked perfectly! It's a gel that easily goes on skin, hair, and face. It washes off perfectly and it isn't messy. It gives you a nice glittery shine and is easy to carry and share!"

- Jenny, Anaheim, CA

Unicorn Snot was made by FCTRY, a happy little product design studio in Brooklyn. We create fun brands and unique, useful, high-quality products that add a little special something to your life.

Make It Fun